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🌏 Tokyo, JPN
🗓 14 – 20 January 2019

This is the first time that a theatre field for children and young people in Japan launches an international festival with the theme of “inclusive arts”. We have collected exceptional performances by disabled performing artists and performances for disabled children and young people, which any audience member can watch inclusively.

The festival theme is “Inclusive Arts”, which means the arts that every/anybody is able to appreciate, no matter whether you are mentally or physically challenged, or what sexuality, culture, and/or race you may be.

Discover the programme here!

Today, the field of inclusive arts is expanding all over the world. This field aims to provide opportunities to all children with or without disabilities to experience the performing arts equally and to share the art’s healing power, richness of expression, and the fact that this world is filled with diversity, with people all over the world, especially children, who live in the future through the arts.

In today’s society, where the economy is prioritized, it becomes difficult for the voices of socially weaker people to be heard. We’d like the festival to be a place where we practice what the performing arts can do for children, with disabled people, and for the future of an equal and peaceful society, where diversity is rich.

We will be presenting 5 international productions from England, Scotland, Serbia, and South Africa; 5 domestic productions, and 3 productions for early years along with workshops and symposia about the inclusive arts.

We hope to realize the dream of performing arts that reaches all the children with different possibilities and individualities.