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It is not too late to contribute to ASSITEJ’s campaign for the next World Day of Theatre for children and young people.

At its last meeting, in Beijing in August, the Executive committee of ASSITEJ decided to take the opportunity of the World Theatre Day to draw attention to TYA, through an international campaign addressed to cultural decision-makers.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the value of performing arts for young audiences, and of the importance of supporting those who make it, locally as well as globally.
It aims to engage individuals and organizations who can influence the cultural policies, provide financial support, or join ASSITEJ in order to reach these achievements. These could include, for example, the national Goethe Institute head, the Director-General for Arts and Culture or Education in a country, the CEO of a corporation with Corporate Social Responsibility interests, or specific individuals who have the potential to be influential in some way.

It will consist of a personally addressed message from the President, Yvette Hardie, recommending support for all TYA-makers at every scale. This is why we would appreciate if you could send us the contacts that you think are the most useful for your organization, by completing this short form before February 4th:

Click here for the form

Haga clic aquí para acceder al formulario

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With your help, we hope this campaign will bring attention to the importance and quality of TYA, and thus get more cooperation and support from our funders and partners.

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