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In early October, one of the oldest professional theatres for children – Saratov Kiselev Youth Theatre (full name: Saratov Academic Youth Theatre named after Yuri Kiselev) – will celebrate its 100 th anniversary. The theatre opened in Saratov on October 4, 1918, with The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck as a sign of hope for children who found themselves in the very centre of historical upheavals in Russia.

The idea to establish such a theatre belonged to actor, director and public figure Dmitry Bassalygo, who shortly before has initiated theatre for soldiers. Thanks to his efforts, the theatre did not disappear carried away artists who had a calling for the art for children.

From 1943 to 1996, Saratov TYA more than half a century led by prominent Russian director Yuri Kiselev after whom theatre named currently. Under his guidance, the aesthetical and pedagogical principles of the family theatre were underlying. Yuri Kiselev was strongly involved with ASSITEJ activities from the very first days of association establishing. Following his precepts, today’s Saratov TYA maintains and develops partner and friendly international relations being an
active member of ASSITEJ Russia.

Celebrations on centenary will be held from 2 to 4 October, 2018. These days Saratov Kiselev Youth Theatre will host theatre forum-festival The Age of Childhood dedicated not only to theatre’s history, but also to a wide range of issues related to past, present and future of the art and theatre for children in Russia.

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