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Maas Foundation, a Core member of Assitej Pakistan and leading theatre group of Pakistan produced first ever theatre production which is for young audience in the northern part of Pakistan, a well-known tourist place named “MURREE”in Month of May 2018. As this was the first time, a theatre production for young audience was produced by a theatre company in this region of Pakistan; a lot of excitement was there in the audience which was mainly from students of different schools ageing from 5 to 15 years old. Maas Foundation produced it well known play “SURAJ CHACHU” (Uncle Sun) at Murree auditorium which has seating capacity of 300 and it was full even there was a heavy rain. Audience received the play with a lot of passion and thoroughly enjoyed it for 45 mints.

“This was a great and very new experience for me as I never saw a play in which adults perform for children like me. I just lost in the magic of theatre and I wish I can be part of such production when I will be little bit older” 7 years old student named “Sana Ali” mentioned her feeling just after the play.

In Pakistan, theatre for young audience by adults is something new as mostly theatre companies are producing work for adults and thinking is that it is good if children produce theatre for children rather than adults But after the establishment of national centre of Assitej in Pakistan, things are changing gradually, Now theatre companies have started to produce work for children through adults but still a long way to go. That’s why,Maas Foundation has decided to take its TYA Productions in smaller towns and rural areas of Pakistan where this concept is totally new.

“SURAJ CHACHU” is designed to provoke the idea of usage of Trash bin and highlight the importance of enviourmental protection.

“Once Upon a time there was no Trash bin in this world, Three kids, Nomi, Sweety & Dabu who are fond of spreading and throwing the wrappers are living in that world. Sun gets angry due to their behavior so he decides to give them a lesson. How Sun treats them and how they learn to use trash bin are the main central idea of the play. This play was written by Muhammad Aslam Mughal and directed by Aamir Nawaz. Maas Foundation had performed same play at Tamasha festival at Lahore in 2017.

Photo Credit: Abdul Shakoor.


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