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The programme entails all round training such as acting, script writing and analysis, directing, movement
and vocal training. The duration of the programme is six months. Within the period, twenty-five in class
sessions will be conducted on weekly basis. The programme is offered once a year.
The primary focus of the course is on acting, directing, script writing and dance theatre. Thus, the
participants will have the opportunity to learn free and structured movements, posture, body flexibility
and physical balance, vocal training, pronunciation, voice projection, directing and script writing such as
character analysis, improvisation, plotting scenes, etc.
The programme is primarily conducted by Ms. Kaushalya Fernando and Prasanna Mahagamage. Both of
them are very experienced artistes in theatre training and teaching in Sri Lanka with international
exposure. In addition, other professional artistes from specialised fields will conduct sessions.
The programme started in early February 2018.

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