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🌏 Colombo, LKA
🗓 1 – 7 August 2021
⏰ 28 February 2021

Inter Act Art is happy to announce the Call for Participation in the 09th COLOMBO INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL – 2021 (CITF)” which will be held from 01st to 07th August in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In 2020 We, Theatre practitioners have been limited to a corner unexpectedly.

We were not allowed to meet, have a friendly chat even.

It was a hard year for all of us..

Anyhow we have to forget the year which was gone.

Let us get ready to face the New Year with new expectations.

Now our mission is to make our meeting in 2021, a reality.

It is the time for us to get ready. Let us meet at the Colombo International Theatre Festival…

CITF 2021 will feature performances from across the globe, formal and informal interactions between artists from Sri Lanka and abroad. This festival is the ninth edition towards a sustained effort in curating a festival with a purpose of bringing innovative performances to Sri Lanka.

Over 60 countries covering all continents, 70 theatre groups and over 500 artist and veterans have participated during the previous 08 years, including the Sri Lankan theatre fraternity.

If your performance is selected, we will send you a formal invitation letter to attend the festival.

The organizers will cover the local hospitality of the group for up to 7 members during the festival, and provide the meals, accommodation, performance venue, local transport and publicity.

The other expenses shall be borne by the participating group, including their travel to Sri Lanka and back, their visas if applicable and travel and medical insurance, etc.

Send us an email on for more information.

Download the application form: