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Te Veo Assitej Chile celebrates the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People by giving the "Te Veo Assitej Chile Award", a recognition to artists with a long career in theater for children and young people. This year, the award was given to the Teatro El Rostro theatre company from Concepción, founded by Gustavo Sáez and Ximena Ramírez,  which is celebrating its fortieth anniversary of uninterrupted billboard, contributing to the consolidation of the performing arts for children and youth in Chile. It was a really emotive ceremony, held at the historical Ictus Theater, one of our allied spaces, a venue for FITA and MAE festival. The presenters were our president María Sepúlveda (La Negra María Teatro) and vice-president Cristián Ruiz (La Máquina Teatro). Bebe de Soares (Amazonas Network), our representative at Assitej International, read the letter from Yvette Hardy. And the closing was the wonderful concert of Valentín López, a child prodigy, son of the actors Andrés López and Fanny Fregni, belonging to Compañía Teatro Histórico La Chupilca, one of our associated companies. It was a beautiful evening.


          The award presenters and the company founders (Gustavo Sáez and Ximena Ramírez)

                               The singer (Valentín López)


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