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BIM BAM 2019


In March 9th to 31st 2019 Toihaus Theatre will be hosting BIM BAM 2019, Austria’s one-of-a-kind International Theatre Festival for (Early Years) Children.

We are looking for high-quality artistic productions from the areas of theatre, dance, music and performance that are suited to an audience aged 0 to 6.

BIM BAM was established in 2007. Every two years, theatre groups from all over Europe meet in Salzburg to present their highly diverse productions for early years, in addition to Toihaus Theatre’s own productions.

Toihaus Theatre Salzburg is an influential trailblazer in the area of European theatre for early years, inspiring artists and organisers alike. Toihaus Theatre is also a long-established partner of the renowned EU project “Small Size – Performing Arts for Early Years”.


What you need to apply:

Brief description of the piece and the group

3–4 photos (300dpi)

Video link: a trailer (4 min) and a full-length recording of the production

Technical requirements

Performance dates (where the production can be viewed first-hand)

Contact address


Deadline for applications: May 15th 2018


Send your complete application to:

Toihaus Theatre Salzburg

Franz-Josef-Strasse 4

5020 Salzburg


Festival director: Katharina Schrott

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