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On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary, Kolibri Theatre will organize a 9-day Showcase between the 21st and 29th of January 2018 in which the audience can see its representative productions and guest performances.


Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth was founded in 1992 by the City of Budapest. Kolibri’s vast and varied repertory of 34 productions per season consists of its most successful productions made for children as young as 0 and up to 18 years of age, offering each age group plays that are suitable for their mental and emotional development.


The Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth Company photo after the performance the Holy Grail of Megyer, 1994 (Photo by Kata Kádár)


Kolibri Theatre stands out in hosting comprehensive artistic productions ranging from adaptations of Hungarian and world literature to puppet shows, fairytale plays, operas and physical theatre. Kolibri has long been a pioneer in establishing new genres in Hungarian children’s theatre by introducing live music on stage – drawing on both traditional folk and classical music, early years plays, productions for young adult audiences, classroom theatre and new adaptations of classic and contemporary literary works for screen and stage.


Based on the results of a recent research study on theatre-in-education, Kolibri is also ranked as the biggest professional TIE provider in Hungary, reaching the largest number of young people in the country.



János Bán in Algot Storm in 1992 (photo by Kata Kádár)                                                      János Bán in Algot Storm in 2016 (photo by HSC Stábiskola)   


Kolibri’s various long-term international co-operations (Glitterbird; Small Size; Platform 11+; Platform Shift+) have also contributed greatly to the enrichment of its repertory of early years and productions for youth.



“Our festival program aims to provide an insight into the theatre’s artistic world and achievement of the last quarter century, and to offer unique opportunity for artists, professionals and the audience to meet and share ideas.” – said János Novák, the founder and general director of Kolibri Theatre in his invitation.


In the Jubilant Showcase program, Kolibri presents a selection of performances from its vast repertory which best represent the company’s artistic pursuits, divided into a 3×3-day schedule, each section devoted to a different age group – the Small Size Festival for audiences of 0  to 6 years, Fairy Tales and Opera for ages 5 to 12, and the Platform Shift+ Festival for ages 12+.



The performances will be followed by encounters with the participation of the artists and creators of the plays, as well as theatre critics, publishing houses and agencies. Closing the section of productions for each specific age group on every third day, there will be guest performances by Kolibri’s international partners, followed by round-table discussions involving Hungarian and foreign guests.


Kolibri is proud of its achievements over the past 25 years, and looks forward to continuing to push the boundaries and possibilities of theatre for children and young people over the next 25 years!



The Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth Company photo of season 2016/2017 (photo by: HSC Stábiskola)