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In collaboration with Kolibri Theatre (Budapest), ASSITEJ Hungary is delighted to announce that three international theatre festivals for young audiences will be part of the 10th Theatre Olympics in Budapest and throughout Hungary from Easter to Midsummer’s Eve 2023. The three festivals focus on three different age groups, one for children, one for youth and one for the smallest, with companies and artists of well-deserved international recognition. Their participation – especially from far remote countries – is a unique opportunity for the young audience and for children’s theatre creators to meet theatrical thinking that is completely different from the Hungarian one. Besides the performances, there will be workshops, professional discussions, and presentations.

“Patchwork” International Theatre Festival for Children

Venue: National Theatre of Győr

17-23 April 2023

The productions of the Patchwork selection are characterised by a fresh formal expression, honesty, openness, radiant energy, and they represent high artistic standards.

In addition to stage adaptations of classical literary works, there are dance and physical theatre performances, participatory theatre based on community experience, visual theatre and puppet performances.

Invited companies include Polyglot Theatre (Australia), Compagnia La Luna Nel Letto (Italy), Plexus Polaire (France-Norway), Vrum Performing Arts Collective (Austria-Croatia), Klaipėdos Lėlių Teatras (Lithuania) – Lutkovno Gledališče Ljubljana (Slovenia), Oh! My Life Movement Theatre (Republic of Korea), Lutkovno Gledališče Maribor (Slovenia), Šeiko Šokio Teatras (Lithuania).

PlayOn! Budapest International Theatre Festival for Youth

Venue: Kolibri Theatre, Budapest

16-20 May 2023

The festival includes performances seeking new ways of storytelling and immersive technologies, all of which were created in the framework of the international theatre cooperation PlayOn!. This European collaboration has been researching the relationship between digitalisation and theatre for youth. In doing so, they have supported innovative productions in which the creators replaced classical storytelling with interactive forms, using digital technologies widely known to young people.

Invited companies: Kinder- und Jugendtheater Dortmund (Germany), Elsinor Centro Di Produzione Teatrale (Italy), Landesbühnen Sachsen (Germany), Landestheater Linz (Austria), Teatr Ludowy (Poland), Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Pilot Theatre (United Kingdom)

Senses International Theatre Festival for Early Years

Venue: Kolibri Theatre, Budapest

9-11 June 2023

The festival focuses on performances based on sensory perception for the youngest age groups. Through the various theatrical art forms, little ones and bigger ones, spectators and actors collectively discover a symbolic world interspersed with colours, sounds, materials and movements. Audiences in their early stages of development can participate in a collective experience filled with fundamental sensual impulses.

The invited performers are Dalija Acin Thelander (Sweden), Theater De Spiegel (Belgium), De Stilte (Netherlands), I Entertainment (India), Teatro Paraíso (Spain), Theatre Madam Bach (Denmark).

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