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National Assitej Spain Award goes to Cristina Santolaria 

Cristina Santolaria, the last Assistant of Principal General of Theater and Circus of INAEM (National Institute of Performing Arts and Music), has been awarded with the National ASSITEJ Spain 2017.

The honorary award, which annually awards the association of the partners' proposals,  aims to publicly acknowledge Cristina Santolaria's decisive support for the performing arts for children and young people from all the positions she has held both at INAEM (Ministry of Culture) and in the Community of Madrid. The delivery ceremony is scheduled for next March 2018.


Publication of "Stars and Black Holes (among other things)", by Javier Hernando and Rocío Bello.

“Stars and black holes (among other things)” tells how Violeta, with the help of her stuffed dog Pimiento and her friend 400, gets rid of the annoying bird hunter who lives in the house across the street. After this terrifying adventure she will be a little more prepared to get rid of all the charlatans  who want to lock her inside a cage. “Stars and black holes (among other things)” is a monologue with four voices where reality mixes to conform the personal universe of Violeta, a universe where all her best friends live, with great questions and some other odd horrible monsters. In this Space trip Violet will become a little bit more giant. The price of the publication is 10 € and is on sale at


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