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ASSITEJ – Azerbaijan National Center – Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators attaches great importance to the further development and expansion of creative relations with foreign theatres as in previous months. The Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators is always in the process of innovation, actively cooperating with young people from many countries, and has participated in a number of international festivals at the new 90th season.



Creative staff from Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators – ASSITEJ – Azerbaijan National Center has participated in “Keeda” International Festival from 1 st to 6 th of October. The festival for Children and Teenagers has been implemented in Elista, city of Kalmikia of

Russian Federation in 2017. The collective performed “Tig-Tig Lady” play by A.Shaig during the festival. The festival organized by the Union of Theater Figures of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Kalmykia. The Honorary Diploma of the Educational Department of the Elista city and the Diploma of the Union of Theatre Figures of the Republic of Kalmykia Republic was awarded to our theatre staff for the high level of protection of national values and the correct delivery of theatrical art to the younger generation. The play also was awarded with special a diploma. The Kalmykia government has sent a letter of gratitude to ASTYS for its service in preservation of traditions between two republics.

ASSİTEJ-Azerbaijan National Center – Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators has also participated in an international festival of mono-plays “Maria” that was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, from 3 rd to 9 th of October. At the festival, Shovgi Huseynov, ASTYS’s actor, honoured artist of Azerbaijan and Kalmykia represented our country with “Contrabass” by P.Suskind and he was awarded with the diploma of the festival.

Shovgi Huseynov has also participated in the cultural dialogue forum “Secret of the actor” that organized within the framework of the festival. He told a speech at the seminar about “The Azerbaijan Theatre and the activities of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators”. The speech was about the current state of the Azerbaijani theatre and the development of our local theatres. The richness of the repertoire of ASTYS, and the fact that the most of the plays are classical works made a great interest among the forum participants. It should be noted that along with our country the theatres from Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Great Britain and Turkey have also participated in the festival.

After performing “Contrabass”, Slovak and Polish festival leaders expressed their satisfaction with seeing the ASTYS at theatre festivals held in their respective countries. The festival leaders of both republics invited the ASTYS team to the next festivals that will be held in their countries.

The Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators has participated at the “Tuganlig” VI International Festival of Turkish Speaking Nations, which was traditionally held in Ufa, the Russian Federation, from 7 to 14 October. Our theatre participated there with the mono-play “Punishment” by Tamara Valiyeva on the stage of the National Youth Theatre named after M.Karim. Actress Kamala Huseynova was awarded with the special diploma of the Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan at the festival. The international festival of Turkish-speaking theatres “Tuganlig” has been held since 1991. The Bashkir Academic Theatre named after M.Gafuri, Khakas National Theatre named after Topanov, “Fly” Kyrgyzstan Youth Theatre, Dagestan State Drama Theatre, Chuvash State Drama Theater named after K. Ivanov, Tatar State Drama Theatre named after H.Kamal, “Jasta” Kazakh theatre has also participated at the festival.

Honored artist Shovgi Huseynov was honoured with a diploma in the V International Theatre Festival “North Visions” that has been held in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, on December 25-28, with the “Contrabass” mono-play by Patrick Suskin. Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators regularly made lots of performances for younger audiences. On October 27, the premiere of the play “Gulliver in The Land of Pygmies” and on October 28, the premiere of the play “The Green Man” (Grinch) were held for the first time in Azerbaijan theatre space with the proposal and support of ASSİTEJ-Azerbaijan National Center.

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