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 As in previous months, ASSITEJ – Azerbaijan National Center – Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators attaches great importance to the expansion and further development new mutual creative relationships with foreign theaters.

The Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators, which has always been active in strengthening relations between schools and theater, has been implementing a number of different projects in May. The Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators attended the VIII International World Theater Olympiad in India. The theater got an invitation from the organizers of the VIII World Theater Olympiad, and performed “Punishment” play (mono-play) basis on T. Valiyeva’s writing. The performance was welcomed by the participants of the festival, as well as numerous positive ideas and discussions were made after performance.

Our theater collective visited Vladikavkaz in the North of Ossetia-Alania on May 1-6 and performed “Tyk-tyk khanym” by A.Shaig, well-known Azerbaijan writer on the stage of the Ossetian theater. Theater team meets with Ossetian schoolchildren and younger audience as well as with parents, teachers and offered new suggestions for further expansion of theater and school relationships.

Vladikavkaz State Academic National Drama Theater named after V.Thansayev was the guest of the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators on May 18-21 within the III Shaki International Festival in Azerbaijan that was held on May 12-21. The theater presented the performance by V.Korostlev “Vova wonders in the country” to the audience and schoolchildren.

Actress of the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators Gushvar Sharifova participated in “Guest Theaters” project of “City Theaters” of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality from May 3 to 5. The actress performed mono-play on the basis of R.Agayev’s play entitled “The end of the end”. Acting director of the play was Nofel Valiyev. She was awarded with diplomas for her successful performance by the organizers of the festival.

The III Sheki International Theater Festival was held in Azerbaijan in early May. It was dedicated to the establishment of Azerbaijan National Professional Theater, to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Azerbaijan Republic that was the first Parliamentary Republic in the Muslim East, and to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s 95th birthday. The theater stuff of the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectator presented the mono-play “Punishment” by T.Valiyeva, writer-playwright within the festival.

Shovgi Huseynov, an actor of Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators successfully participated on “XX International Mono-drama” Festival in Bitola, Macedonia on 10-16 May, 2018, and was awarded with Gran-Our actor performed “Contrabass” mono-play by Patrick Suskind and juries with one voice chose him as Gran-Pre awarder.

Also, a group of ASTYS stuff performed a spectacular show at the traditional “King Vindzor Horse Show” organized on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

On May 26, the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators performed a premiere of the play “Murder in a madhouse” based on Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “Physics” comedy. The play dedicated to the memory of Lutfi Zadeh, the great Azerbaijani scientist, who died last year. He was the founder of the theory of fuzzy logic in artificial intelligence.

On May 1, 2018,  the premiere of  “The Cheburashka” by Eduard Uspensky based on “The Crocodile Gena and His Friends” was performed for younger audience with the support of ASTYS – ASSİTEJ Azerbaijan National Center.