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Uruguayan theater play will integrate the Latin American Theater Anthology for Children and Young People.

 On August 31st, a jury selected by the Board of Directors of Assitej Uruguay, ruled in favor of the children's play "ReSaPan" (Wild Stories for Children), by Federico Pereyra, with music by Martín Angiolini, to represent Uruguay in the Anthology that will be published by an University of Buenos Aires’s private project.

The jury of the Uruguayan contest called by Assitej Uruguay understood that "ReSaPan" was, among all the participants, the one that best represented the country, because it introduces issues that are strongly present in our national culture.

This play, along with the author's curriculum and information dossier, was sent to Buenos Aires, and on September 12, we received approval from the publisher group. It should be noted that this venture is not part of Assitej International, but was driven by a private academic group of the University of Buenos Aires,  (Argentina) which proposed in the different countries of Latin America a call to writers. In ours, as said, the contest was called through Assitej Uruguay.

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