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Marisa Gimenez Cacho – Mexico  

Marisa Gimenez Cacho has served three terms on the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ and during that time she has become a global leader of the association. Her   dedicated work in the last term as Secretary-General saw the secretariat move out of Europe for the very first time to be housed in Mexico.

Her career as a cultural manager and artistic director, and her work on various publications reflecting the Mexican arts scene, gave her the experience and knowledge to   ensure that ASSITEJ publications reached a new level of professionalism. She led the Publications committee for much of her term in office, and developed a new   concept   for ASSITEJ annual magazines which ensured representivity and excellence of both content, language and design. Her keen eye for design was also seen in   the many   World Day logos and brochures that were put out by ASSITEJ, and under her watch the magazine and newsletter became a more beautiful and functional tool.

Her meticulous attention to detail and her interest in research has been seen in the careful keeping of records, and her interest in preserving and promoting the archives of ASSITEJ, she has ensured that the work of our association is better documented. She worked with her young team to ensure that the Mexican office was responsive and methodical in its approach to all members and non-members alike, and that Ibero-American participation in the association increased.

Marisa Gimenez-Cacho is a dedicated and committed arts manager who has served ASSITEJ with distinction.


Young Ai Choi – Korea 

Young Ai Choi is Professor for Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) at Korea National University of Arts. She has worked as Director of TYA Research Center at the National Theatre Company of Korea (2011-2015). She served ASSITEJ International on the Executive Committee (2005-2011) and Vice-President (2008-2011).  She was one of the founding Members of ITYARN in 2006 and served on the ITYARN board until 2017.  She has been instrumental in bringing her students to ITYARN and ASSITEJ events, and organized exchanges with other universities. Currently she is working as Education Director for TYA productions, especially for teenagers. Besides teaching and directing, she has presented papers, workshops and panel discussions in International Conferences in Italy, Austria, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland and other countries, always representing ASSITEJ or ITYARN.


Katariina Metsälampi

Katariina Metsälampi has been active in ASSITEJ for almost three decades. She has been an influential and deeply committed boardmember and later chairperson of ASSITEJ   Finland from 2000-2007.

She was on the international Executive Committee from 2005-2011. She is honorary president of ASSITEJ Finland.

Katariina currently leads the rapidly growing Small Size Network which she has supported from the very start with her enthusiasm and professionalism.

Katariina’s approach to all she does is full of heart and soul. She is an initiator, a brilliant networker and a facilitator – which is a powerful combination. She is for example one of the godmothers of the very successful ASSITEJ taboo workshops.


Kim Peter Kovac – USA

Kim Peter Kovac  is a poet, a theatre educator, and the Artistic Director for the Kennedy Center Theater for Young Audiences, where he has worked since 1983 .

He has been involved in ASSITEJ for over 19 years through his service on the board of TYA/USA, where he was international representative to ASSITEJ for 15 years (2002-2017), then in the executive committee of ASSITEJ for 12 years, including 6 years as Vice President.

In 2011,he co-founded the ASSITEJ TYA playwrights network, Write Local/Play Global. The network today is a member of ASSITEJ and is present in over 50 Countries across 6 Continents. The network is a great source of scripts in TYA globally and is connecting Playwrights and theatre companies across the globe.

Kim Peter helped in the development of the International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) and co-created the New Visions/New Voices program at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (1991) where many young playwrights have been mentored every year from across the Globe.

Kim Peter has been an extraordinary advocate, leader and ambassador of ASSITEJ and has mentored many young people, connecting people and creating opportunities for people wherever he could.

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