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FITA Chile: A showcase for dance, circus and Ibero-American theatre

Chile will be the host of the first International fair of performing arts for children and youth in Ibero-America

FITA Chile will be held between the 3th and the 5th of November in Santiago city, it is a pioneering event organized by ASSITEJ/Te Veo Chile, that will bring together more than 20 Ibero-American companies of dance, circus and theatre, focused for children and youth, and the participation of important national and international delegates.

The biennial meeting, will take place in differents and emblematic performing art´s sceneries of Santiago, such as Municipal Theatre, Mori Theatre, Ictus and Gam. Besides having special shows for delegates, it will also include a series of activities open to public like “Simbad, o Navegante” by the Brazilian company Circo Mínimo, that will present on the 3th of November in Teatro Oriente, and the Mexican show “¿Dónde duermen los peces?” by the Teatral Reno company, that will present on the 4th and 5th of November in “La Capilla” room of the Municipal Theatre of Santiago.

María Sepúlveda, General Director of FITA Chile, tells us that the idea of giving life to the fair was born from the experience of different companies of ASSITEJ/Te Veo Chile, who have participated in different international fairs for children an youth (in Europe, Asia and North America) and were able to see the importance of showing, sharing and projecting their works.

By this experience, we realized that an activity of this nature that convene Ibero- American artist, for companies that work with children an youth, does not exists.

The admission process of this first edition of FITA Chile, was a success, we received more than 75 application forms from companies all over the world. Some of the selected works will show their whole work in the Showcase and others will exhibit a piece of their work for the delegates.

For all the artists, FITA Chile opens a new window of opportunities, where they will be able to show their work in front of delegates from all over the world, interested in projecting internationally the best of Ibero-American performing arts for children and youth.





























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