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Mark your calendars: 23. – 30. April 2017.

This years’ Aprilfestival takes place in Sønderborg, in the southern part of Denmark near the German border. From April 23 to the 30th, the entire municipality of Sønderborg will be a buffet of theatre for young audiences. There will be around 100 professional theatre companies presenting over 140 different performances, amounting to almost 700 shows. In other words: Plenty of opportunities to experience a great variation of theatre.

A Danish festival with international events

Aprilfestival has no curators, so you can choose for yourselves and explore the many events and performances. The entire Danish TYA industry will be present, and at least 100 international guests from all over of the world usually visit the festival. There will be several events in English, and the main conference of the festival will be in English.

The theme of the conference this year is digital education, and the title is “Meet your digital neighbor”. The conference will investigate why the digital space is important when discussing the culture of children and adolescents. Knowledge will be shared and communicated through different approaches using aesthetic devices (e.g. inspired by the working methods of the theatre).

We hope to see you in Sønderborg!


More information: (English web site) (Danish web site)