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In the case of International Women’s Day on 8 March, theater’s actor Ilham Asadov and other young theater actors will present a theatrical concert on the stage of Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators–ASSITEJ-Azerbaijan.

On March 10, an event will be organized dedicated to the 144th anniversary of establishment of Azerbaijan National Professional Theater. There will be an exhibition by Elshan Sarkhanoglu, stage designer of Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators. The sketches for performances from the current repertoire will be exhibited in the lobby of the theater. There will be some performances by actors of State Theatre of Young Spectators dedicated to the National Theater Day after the exhibition and the comedy “Adventure of Waziri Khani-Lankaran” by Mirza Fatali Akhundov will be demonstrated.

ASSITEJ – Azerbaijan will celebrate the 20th March World’s Theatre Day for Children and Youth with a parade of performances for children on the eve of International Children’s and Youth Theatre Day which dates back to the ancient and rich holiday of Azerbaijani People.

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