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International Arts Festival for Young Audiences

Friday 24th of February – Thursday 2nd of March 2017

Krokusfestival is happy to welcome you all at the 20th edition. We present 36 companies, amongst which 7 are premieres from Belgian companies (including Laika and Froe Froe) and many more new, smaller companies and artists. A chance to discover some new Belgian work! Next to that we welcome

16 international companies from Sweden, Scotland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Krokusfestival also presents a professional program. Next to informal meetings between companies and presentations, we want to focus on three topics:

PUSH – GENDER / migration / (over)protection

PUSH is a 2-year project working with five European partners and aims at stimulating dialogue around three important topics in theatre and dance for young audiences (gender and queer representation; migration; and overprotection. We also organize a MASTERCLASS GENDER with Eilidh MacAskill to give theatre-makers and performers an opportunity to engage with aspects of this wide-ranging theme and apply them directly to their own personal practice.


From a European point of view, export (and import) of TYA has been a merely European phenomenon. Companies and artists were picked up at European festivals, invited to others and got into the festival turning wheel. Companies travelling out of Europe were a curiosity. But that has changed radically. Why is this? What is the plus value of this global export of European performances? And what is the plus value for local artists? Where are good examples of artistic exchange? And what about import to Europe?

The following people will join us in the panel and around the discussion tables (more names to be confirmed in the next days): Andrea Perez de Castro & Bebe de Soares (FAMFEST, Chili), Karen Acioly (FIL, Brazil), Adjjima Na Patalung (BICT, Thailand), Mohamed El Ghawy (Hakawy Festival, Egypt) and Jerry Adesewo (Arojah Theatre, Nigeria).


Krokusfestival and contemporary dance for young audiences; it is a match. We have presented lots of dance performances, made two exclusive dance festival editions, coproduced lots of Flemish and even international dance productions, invited experts, organized symposia, set up residencies and work-in-progress discussions, offered workspace and dramaturgical advice, participated in Fresh Tracks Europe. And we started a project in 2011: The State of Youth Dance.Choreographer UGO DEHAES will write our #4 State of Youth Dance, dramaturg MOOS VAN DEN BROEK will reflect on tendencies in the international field, challenges and questions to be asked. Then we have discussion tables with questions, thoughts and reflections.

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