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Ireland will join forces to organise the first early years arts managers network meeting during Small Size Days this year in Vilnius.

“We have invited managers of companies who have produced performances of any kind for audiences under 6 years of age in Lithuania this year to come together and establish some common ground and a vision for the future of this work in our region. “ says Dalia Mikoliunaite of Teatriukas. “We felt that Small Size Days 2017 was the perfect opportunity to do this as an event with some global perspective and we are very excited by the response.” Teatriukas recently won a Best Performance for Children award for their performance Zalia Gyva, based on the historic stories of Vilnius and they are currently in production with a brand new premiere Arbatinukai or Teapot Tales which is aimed for the first time in Lithuania at an audience aged 0-11 months and their adult carers. The performance format is directed by Karolina Zernyte, a young and dynamic talent who has founded her own independent company in Vilnius Theatre of the Senses.

“The concept of networking is developing in this region” says Cliodhna Noonan of Acting Up! “Why come together? Why share our expertise in an open and friendly environment and how can we achieve results together without creating an extra burden on any network member? These will be the fundamental issues we hope to discuss at our meeting and we are confident that the network in Lithuania will be an active voice in the future. “

The network will initially be comprised of arts managers so that it can focus on action and possibility. Each manager may then share the ideas discussed with a creative team in their employ.

The first meeting will take place at Teatriukas venue in Vilnius on Friday 27th January 2017.  Fingers crossed for success!

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