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The 37th National Theatre Festival took place during November 3-12, ten days of important exchanges to enhance both the links and scenic development of the country.

The roundtable Theatre for Specific Audiences, had great participation. It would seem that those artists who create work for audiences 0 – 20 years old, have an urgency of making young people participant in political and social themes. They seek to bring them closer to new content and communicate from new platforms and formats.

The dialogue table presented an excellent opportunity to refelct  and recognize artists and creators with a genuine desire to communicate and positively and actively participate and contribute to our social reality.

The Seminar and National Encounter of Performances for Teenagers, from the state of Hidalgo, was also analyzed. It is an academic program that seeks to professionalize and develop new poetics in theatre, dance, performance and performing arts directed to young audiences.

In this way, 600 specialists, creators, directors, artists and people from the community, analyzed, debated and found intersections in the different scenic proposals coming from the country, which, without a doubt, helped to enrich the national scenic spectrum in young audiences.

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