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Gladly we share the creation of the Latin American Network of Creators of Theater for Early Years. This network is an initiative born in Mexico, and is conformed of three companies from different states of the republic: Teatro en Espiral Collective, Baja California; A la Deriva Teatro, Jalisco; Teatro al Vacío, Mexico City. The artists who integrate these companies share the interest of working for legitimizing the right of children to art and culture.

The Network seeks to create and disseminate scenic quality proposals responsibly and commit to the public, with respect and sensitivity. It also seeks to generate research that show the current situation of the performing arts for children of early years, to keep open the possibility of dialogue with other networks, participate in meetings, festivals and symposia. In July this year A la Deriva Teatro produced the First International Festival of Theatre for Early Years FITPA, in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

It is essential to offer children experiences that besides providing a pleasant space open them the opportunity to participate with other children and adults at community building.

It is necessary to commit ourselves as creators to conceive creative spaces of individual and collective subjectivity; start producing concrete actions that impact society and all children are seen, heard, that they can actively participate in society and exercise their rights to art and culture.

Latin American Network Creators of Theater for the Early Years.

Teatro en Espiral Collective

A la Deriva Teatro

Teatro al Vacío Company