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24 February – 5 March, 2017

Artists meet Early years offers the artists a chance to meet early years right in the places where children belong to an educational community, cre?ches and kindergartens, in order to observe them, to become more familiar with them, collecting suggestions and images that can be useful to the development of a personal artistic research on the youngest ones.

Thanks to Artists meet Early years, 6 young artists (under 35 years old) will have the opportunity to visit some educational services belonging to IES (institution for schools and education of the Municipality of Bologna) dedicated to children 0-3 or 3-6 years old for two consecutive days.

Two days in a row in the same school, where the artists selected will be free to present fragments of a performance, tell a story or lead a workshop, either in a kindergarten or in a cre?che.
By meeting the children again in their educational environment the very next day, the artists can live a new kind of experience with them.

Coming back means to be able to understand, in a better way, the reality of the educational services visited, as well as to build up a direct relationship with children and educators.

Artists meet Early years will take place from February 27th to March 3rd 2017.
This call is open to 6 artists, also to the last year participants, to whom we will offer accommodation and subsistence for 3 days and facilitations for the festival activities.

If you are interested in this offer, please send us the following information by November 30th :

–  Fill in the form you find together with the call, with the brief presentation of your proposal

–  A short CV, focused on your experience in Theatre for Young Audience (previous

experience in theatre for early years is not important).

  • A cover letter, explaining your motivation towards this experience

The selection will be made by the evaluation of the call forms.

You will receive our answer by the first half of December 2016. In case you apply, we ask you to please keep your schedule clear between February 27th and March 3rd 2017.

You can send your application to


In 2016, Artists meet Early Years hosted:

3-6 Germany                    Katherina Winkler and Daniela Krabbe
0-3 Austria                        Sarah Gaderer and Laura-Lee Ro?ckendorfer
0-3 Italy/Netherlands     Silvia Bennett

3-6 UK                                Maria Giergiel
0-3 Italy/Japan                 Saya Namikawa
0-3 Russia                         Tatyana Parshina and Ekaterina Kochneva
3-6 Mexico                       Adria?n Herna?ndez and Jose? Agu?ero



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