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Haevichi Arts Festival on Jeju Island in Korea

Haevichi Arts Festival is one of the biggest art events, which will be held on Jeju Island in Korea from the 13th to the 16th of June. It includes an art market (booth exhibition and showcase), roundtable for networking, symposiums and special performances.

Haevichi Arts Festival aims to act as a window for the development of performing arts and also as a hub for artistic exchanges in Asia.

This year, about 150 organizations, including arts foundations, theatre companies and related public agencies, will be gathered on Jeju Island to promote the development of performing arts and culture. ASSITEJ Korea also participates in the art market to exchange information and have various meeting opportunities between the 13th and 14th of June.

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The 24th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival

12 Days of outstanding performances for children and young people!

Come enjoy a festival boasting a feast of quality pieces performed by international and Korean theatre companies!

The most prestigious art festival for children and young people in Korea will be held from the 20th to the 31st of July. This year, it will present 15 world-class shows at some of Korea’s leading venues including Jongno Children’s Theatre, the first municipal theatre only for children.

The ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival annually selects a specific country and organizes programs to present the country’s culture through performing arts. This year, it will be organized as part of the Korea-France Year 2015-2016.

To elaborate, the 24th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival will present two collaborative projects – “The Cloud”, Korean-French collaboration, and “Jewels in the Tale”, Korean-Singaporean collaboration. The directors from France and Singapore will stay in Seoul in June to have rehearsals to make the shows as best as they can. ASSITEJ Korea hopes to stimulate the development of theatre for young people and encourage outstanding artistry through collaborative projects.

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