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As well as welcoming audiences and delegates from around the world, ON THE EDGE is working with thousands of school children from Birmingham and the West Midlands to give them the full flavour of an international theatre festival.

Secondary students from Shenley Academy and Small Heath Schools in Birmingham are coming together to create their own piece of drama inspired by the themes of tolerance and extremism found in Pim & Theo.

South Korean company Brush are spending time with Year 5 pupils at the Robin Hood Academy to make a curtain-raiser performance at ON THE EDGE, and Peter’s Hill Primary School are working with the Seydou Boro Theatre Company to explore the ideas found in Why do hyenas have shorter back legs than front legs and why do monkeys have bare bottoms? Monkeyshine Theatre are also spending time in Birmingham schools, whilst Theatre Lovett are taking part in online hangouts with a class of pupils before hosting a special meet-and-greet for them on the set of their show during the Festival.

Pupils and teachers at Mayfield Special School are enjoying private performances of Bliss, a sensory performance made especially for children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

A group of young people from all corners of the UK and Ireland are being trained as theatre reviewers ahead of ON THE EDGE, and will present an award to their favourite show at the end of the Festival.

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