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Save the date: 1 – 4 September professionals’ programme performing arts for young audiences

Children’s theatre in search of new audiences. The city in all its diversity.

Dear colleague,

From September 1 – 4 ASSITEJ NL organises, in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts and in the context of TF Jong, a professionals’ programme about performing arts for young audiences in all its diversity.

We will take you to see shows in smaller and larger theatres in different neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. You will also see some site-specific performances. We will bring you subjects and themes that mirror the diversity of performing arts for young audiences: from shows for the very young to performances for youngsters about gender and different cultural backgrounds. For example Aaipet (2+, by Bonte Hond), Jihad de voorstelling (by Senf productions) and 100% Selfmade (by Maas Theater en Dans/ DOX). All performances, fragments and teasers have a few common denominators: they are diverse, of high quality and in search of new audiences. On Friday afternoon we will organise a small seminar about diversity in/for children’s theatre with a keynote speaker on that subject. The full programme will be announced at the end of May.

You as a professional in the field of performing arts for young audiences are very welcome to attend this programme. You are offered complimentary tickets to all shows, meals and travel by bus to the different theatres. We will also provide you with hotel deals and information about the shows.

Please save 1-4 September 2016 to attend our professionals’ programme. We will soon send you more information and a registration form. We hope to welcome you in September in Amsterdam!

If you have any questions about the programme or registration, please contact Kees Blijleven:

On behalf of ASSITEJ NL and Dutch Performing Arts,
Kees Blijleven and Anja Krans

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