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10th. Edition

On the 30th of March, 2016 ATINA will celebrate the TYA World Day with the ATINA Award Ceremony.

We are celebrating our 10th edition and we would like to share with you all Carlos de Urquiza´s words, as ex-President of ATINA and organizer of the ATINA Award from the very beginning:

“ATINA gives this Award with the aim of highlighting the work of artists and companies devoted to TYA as they do not have the same incentive or recognition than those devoted to theatre for adults.

This Award during the last 10 years has been a specific award for TYA, which is organized by an Association of colleagues like ATINA and it is given by an independent and qualified jury of professionals.

It has always been our wish that this Award could be illustrative of the situation and the development of TYA in our country. We expect that the winners are those who establish new trends and their work can be considered a parameter for the rest of us.

We need frameworks and orientation within this field that many artists choose as their first experience in the art of theatre.

We need more and more qualified professionals to face this specialty and the new times.

We need professionals who know well and can understand their audience.

We need a brave, sharp and committed playwriting which reflects the experience of the audience and interest them.

We need experimentation and research of new procedures from the Directors.

We need actors who can play with intensity and who can be creative at the moment of contacting the audience.

We need to redefine the scenic space based on each proposal and on the communication with the spectator.

It is essential to pay attention to the production details.

And it’s especially necessary for a theatre for adolescents that can move, capture, identify and modify them.

ATINA Awards tries to emphasize these aspects by awarding the more outstanding works in the year, having for sure that this is also a way to encourage and improve TYA in our country.”

In this way we join to our colleagues all over the world, celebrating the TYA World Day and invite everybody to take a look to the awarded works in our website

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