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Where are the Pioneers? : ON THE EDGE of Practice & Research

In July 2016, the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering (AAG) will take place in Birmingham, UK under the banner ON THE EDGE focussing the world of TYA on a 9-day feast of shows, workshops, seminars, papers and more from all regions of the world.

The AAGs are designed to stimulate and encourage artistic activity and exchange. They take place every year in which there is not an ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival (which occurs every three years).

AAG16 will provide a space in which all the members of ASSITEJ have the opportunity to engage with the artistic life of the organisation and explore their own practice. It will create an opportunity to share, challenge and develop ideas; and to participate in discourse and practical demonstrations from colleagues within the field.

Besides a programme of specially chosen productions representing a diverse range of styles and forms of theatre from all continents, the Symposia Strand offers a variety of allied events for delegates to actively engage in and explore exciting developments and innovative practice.

ON THE EDGE is open to performing arts practitioners and researchers from different countries; performers of all genres and techniques, theatre directors, musicians, theatre designers, playwrights, performing arts academics, arts educators and teachers, theatre critics, arts journalists etc.

The organisers of OTE invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops, practical demonstrations, panel discussions and seminars addressing the following theme:

Where are the Pioneers? : On the Edge of Research and Practice.

We particularly welcome submissions which address inter-disciplinary exchange, practice-based research and pioneering collaborations involving both practitioners and researchers.

The festival working language is English.


The overarching theme of the Conference is: Where are the Pioneers? : ON THE EDGE of Practice and Research.

The organisers wish to see submissions which address cutting-edge practice, research and/or theory in the areas of:

Inter-disciplinary Practice;

The Practitioner as Researcher;

Innovative practice;

Innovative research.

Presentation formats:

– practical workshop/master class

– work in progress/work demonstration

– interactive talk/lecture/discussion

– research presentation

– academic paper

– other way of demonstration offered by Speaker/Presenter can be considered.

Knowledge Focus

In order to enable the planning and balance of sessions the organisers would appreciate knowing how you would classify the knowledge focus of your submission. For example, does your presentation fall into the categories of:

(a) Practice

(b) Research

(c) Practice-based Research

(d) Practitioner as Researcher

(e) Inter-disciplinary Research

(f) Inter-disciplinary Practice

(g) Policy

(h) Philosophical Inquiry

(i)  Historical analysis

(j)  Other – please describe.


In order to plan and facilitate any necessary translation of your work at AAG16 the organisers need to know the language of the submission and the need, or not, for the services of a translator. Please state the language of your submission.

Submitting a Proposal for Review

There are two forms Proposal Form + Details of Proposer Form

Submission Deadline

WEDNESDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2015 via email to:

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