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VERDANZAR is a projectthat promotes circulation and accessibility to contemporary performing dance and theatre creations aimed at children and young people in an annual cycle (May to October 2015) programming representations and permanent workshops, through the following format and public:

Cycle School Extension Montevideo: Performances for schools. Audience: Children 4-12 years old and teachers. May to October in Verdi Auditorium, Solís Theatre and Spanish Cultural Center of Montevideo
Performances for all Audiences. Auditoria and institutions associated with the project.
Project: Formation of New Audiences for Dancing. Including workshops aimed at teachers and students. Workshops, lectures and meetings with children, young people and teachers participating as the audience of the cycle.
This cycle provides a scenic space for the dissemination of contemporary dance and theater works and it connects artistic groups that share a common audience -both domestic and abroad- resulting in further collaborative work among these groups and in turn among the different actors involved. This year’s programming has proposed national companies from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.


– Training new audiences on dance and performing arts.
– To spread performing arts by linking creators, artists, teachers and artistic groups working with and for children and young people, with spectators, institutions and the community.

– To offer contents and positively contribute to strengthen the link between education and art.
– To promote fans to watch and participate in artistic activities.
– To produce continuation and development of new productions for objective audiences.
– Contributing to the exchange between projects and dance groups in the region.
– Creating a space for exchange and reflection among teachers of initial, primary and secondary school. The role of the arts and dance in our educational system and society.

Taboo topics workshop in theater for children:foto-Taller-Temas-Tabú-en-acción-Montevideo-Uruguay-2015

In the context of VERDANZAR festival, a new workshop of taboo topics in theater for children was held. It was coordinated by María Inés Falconi-Playwright- and Carlos de Urquiza –Director- (Argentina). Artists and teachers from Uruguay and Brazil participated in that instance.

Coordinates: Florencia Delgado

Programming Cycle in:


Support: IBERESCENA, INAE MEC, ANEP PROARTE Program, CUTDIJ (Uruguayan Centre of Theatre and Dance for Childhood and Youth) Auditorium Verdi, Solis Theatre and Spanish Cultural Center.

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