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In June, 2013 I had the opportunity to attend the Next Generation Program of ASSITEJ in Linz, Austria as the only representative of Mexico; I was fortunate to meet with creators for young audiences from all over the world; I returned full of dreams to accomplish, one of them to work for early childhood; I also returned willing to replicate the dialogue and to build the necessary networks in order to bring the best possible theatre for young audiences; with the impulse of my experience in Austria, two years later in June of 2015 I premiere the show “Where is Isabela?” for children from 0 to 3 years, the second or third show for babies in the country and the first in the western region; the children’s response to the experience has been beautiful, strong and enriching; families were thrown over by this being an integrating project of an early childhood that has been long forgotten in this country of ours.

Additionally, I celebrate that this year one of the members of the “Where is Isabela?” team is now at the Next Generation meeting organized in the same city of Linz; accompanying all the activities from the Schaxpir Festival, building new dreams and dialogues; I’m sure that Oz Jiménez will also return with vital impulses that will lead us to build a more solid theatre for babies, children and young people, and based on our community, on our country.

Susana Romo