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As part of the exchange, that has been developing between the ASSITEJ Centers of Cuba and Denmark, Mish Mash International Theater Company will present themselves in the city of Havana with the play La Nariz. This theatre company is one of the three Danish groups that won a call sent out by ASSITEJ Denmark, to select theatre shows that would participate in the 25th Theatre Crusade in Guantanamo-Baracoa.

Mish Mash International Theater Company presentations in the capital city of Cuba will be: Thursday March 5th  (2:30 pm) in Teatro de La Villa, in Guanabacoa and Saturday March 7th (10:00 am) in Teatro La Proa’s headquarters (Centro de Teatro de La Habana, 2nd floor) at San Ignacio street 166, e/Obispo and Obrapía. Old Havana.

The exchange will be completed with an intervention from artists of our island in the TYA Festival of Denmark, next April. The representatives from Cuban groups: Andante, from Bayamo; Guiñol from Guantánamo; Teatro de La Villa and Teatro La Proa from Havana and Alas from Pinar del Río, will participate further in two workshops and theoretical events included in the exchange with this Scandinavian country.
Логотип ATINAКак это происходило на протяжении последних 9 лет, ATINA отметит Всемирный день ТЯ церемонией вручения премии ATINA, которая состоится в театре "La Comedia" 23 марта. 23 марта.

The aim of ATINA Award is to encourage new trends and professional qualities in  Argentinian TYA. Practitioners of different fields related to Performing Arts for Children and Young People (playwrights, directors, actors and actresses, stage designers, producers, etc.) are honored with the Award given by a special jury of Researchers and Critics.

Каждую награду ATINA разделяют три профессионала, которые в течение года отличились в своей области.

ATINA´s Board will give special Award to: Trajectory, Research and Communication.

Коллеги-театралы встретятся на празднике под девизом "Ведите детей в театр сегодня", связывающим аргентинскую ТЯ с остальным миром.

Для получения дополнительной информации посетите сайт: www.atina.org.ar.

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