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ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, Serbia, 20 – 24 November 2023


ASSITEJ Serbia and ASSITEJ International are happy and proud to invite colleagues from all over the world with whom we share our passion and mission to the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2023, which will take place in Belgrade and Novi Sad from 20 – 24 November, under the title “Turning Point”


Looking at the place the whole world is in right now, and especially where performing arts for children and young people are, we can be sure of one thing. We are now in a liminal space, a transitional, unlimited space that is part of the change from one state to another, a space of ignorance, confusion and uncertainty in which old truths have been abandoned and new ideas have not yet emerged. This transitional space often begins with a sense of loss, crisis, fear, meaninglessness, and the awareness that there is no going back. In the process, we give up the old meanings and enter the marginal space in which new ones have not yet been created. So, together, we are on a TURNING POINT where:

  • NEW GENERATIONS are taking over and becoming drivers of development
  • NEW TECHNOLOGIES are introduced more to Theatre and performing arts for children and young people (TYA) as a fresh way to tell stories and engage the audience
  • NEW FORMS OF STORYTELLING are to be re-examined, and the field of communication between spectators and performers is to be explored
  • IT’S NOW OR NEVER regarding the societal and ecological crisis and climate change as some of the defining issues of our time.




ASSITEJ Serbia and the regional platform of young performing arts professionals “From the First Step” selected 15 younger actors, dancers, directors, scenographers, critics, producers, researchers, pedagogues… from all around the world to attend the Next Generation Programme “Sustainability as the Future of TYA”, which will be the prologue of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering “Turning point” from 14th to 20th of November 2023 in Novi Sad. 


Our curating teams have chosen more than 20 most relevant productions for the national, regional and international selection of the ASSITEJ Serbia Festival. We have created a tailor-made 5th edition of our festival, titled Setting Sail, to fit the themes we want to address at ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2023.  

On International Day of the Child, 20 November, 10 years after the last General Commentary of the UN Committee for Children Rights in regards to the Rights to Culture and Arts, we will raise questions about the current legal and political basis for prioritization of our work globally, the position of a child and young person as an active participant and decision maker, as well as the place of TYA in the curricula of drama academies in the region and public cultural policies in general. We will open new topics, discuss the most recent research data, and present examples of good practices and policies.

With the participation of a number of artists, researchers, producers and pedagogues coming from different backgrounds and disciplines, we address visual arts and innovative approaches in the performing arts for young audiences with a focus on the design of space, light, sound, visual identity, puppets or objects. Together, we will search for new and diverse languages and channels of communication with young audiences and new generations;

… and many other programs that will soon be published.



  • advocate for placing the conditions and visibility of TYA higher on the decision-makers’ agenda locally, regionally and internationally
  • introduce and support the new generation of TYA professionals and artists, as well as strengthen intergenerational trust and cooperation
  • to hear the diverse voices of the young and include them in decision-making processes
  • give a new push to sustainability in the performing arts sector and test new approaches
  • and to put the region of the South-Eastern part of Europe in the spotlight this time.



Registered participants are enabled access to 20 shows included in the festival selection, the two one-day long international conferences, Artistic Encounters, and any other professional programme – provided there is capacity, as well as transportation from Belgrade to Novi Sad, invitation to Opening and Closing Parties, welcome packages and many other benefits. All delegates will need to register on the platform for each of the programmes that will be offered, regardless if they are paying the fee or get to be exempted. Fees are to be paid via an ASSITEJ International platform that will soon be launched.

The following categories of guests are exempted from paying registration fees. However, should you belong to one of the groups but are still able to support the event financially, we would highly appreciate it, and you would make our work a little bit easier.

Delegates coming from low-income countries are exempted completely from the registration fees.

Participants in the selected programme (performances, keynote conference presenters, workshop facilitators, etc.) are exempted from the registration fees. Panellists are encouraged to pay the registration fee. Participating ensembles are invited to attend other shows in groups of up to 5 people.           

Early Bird Registration Fees:   23-31  October   150 EUR (40% discount)

Regular Registration Fees:      From 1 November 250 EUR

Daily tickets, any day: 20% of the price

Group ticket (>=10)    10% discount

Online participation only:       50% discount

Students of undergrad or grad:        90% discount                                                                                                                                                                         

We highly encourage colleagues coming from developed countries, larger institutions or richer national centres to register for a higher fee than minimal or to solidarily pay a fee for a colleague with fewer resources at the disposal, and let us know.


Events & Performances

*This section will be continuously updated

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