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Representing The Sector

Advocacy and representation play a crucial role in advancing the goals and interests of ASSITEJ International and the Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People sector on a global scale. This responsibility falls upon the President, Secretary General, Executive Committee members, and staff, who all have the opportunity to participate in networking events and meetings around the world on behalf of ASSITEJ International. This can take the form of events and public opportunities with external stakeholders external, as well as engagements and discussions with the membership. Involvement in these forums enables us to amplify the voice of the Association, build influential connections, and stay updated with global trends and developments.

When attending networking events and meetings, the President, Secretary General, Executive Committee members, and / or staff become the face of the Association, representing its values, vision, and objectives. We can advocate for sectoral initiatives and seek cross-sectoral collaborations by engaging with stakeholders from various sectors. Active involvement in networking events and meetings allows us to liaise with international counterparts, exchange knowledge and experiences, and promote the interests of our Association. By participating in these global platforms, we can establish alliances, influence policy decisions, and shape the narrative surrounding their sector. Our engagement also provides an opportunity to raise awareness about challenges and opportunities, ultimately fostering cooperation and collective action among stakeholders. Attending networking events and meetings enables us to showcase the Association’s accomplishments, share best practices, and engage in knowledge-sharing activities. Our active involvement helps to enhance ASSITEJ International’s reputation and influence within the sector and beyond, while also providing valuable opportunities for expanding our networks. This representation has the potential to attract attention and support from influential individuals and organisations, creating opportunities for partnerships and joint initiatives that benefit ASSITEJ members and the sector as a whole.

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