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ASSITEJ International Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises those who have played a distinctive and inspiring role in the world of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA) – whether as artists, designers, producers, technicians, administrators, teachers, facilitators, or mentors – for their outstanding body of work over time and their profound and lasting contribution to the field in their country or region. This award recognises the long, prominent, and influential career of the person concerned and their particular commitment to the development of TYA.

Past Winners

Frequently Asked Questions

Award Eligibility

Up to one individual per continent can be given the ASSITEJ International Lifetime Achievement award during any given term. The continents are Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and  Oceania. There will be a maximum total of 6 awards. The award will not be given posthumously.

Who Can Nominate?

Each full member of ASSITEJ International (National Centre or Professional Network) can put forward one candidate for this Award in any three-year period.

Once a member of an ASSITEJ National Centre has won the Award, that centre may not make a nomination again until six years later (or the second ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People) after receiving the Award.

The award nominations are made by the National Centres and Professional Networks of ASSITEJ International. Please get in touch with your National Centre or Professional Network if you have proposals for nominations.

What Is The Nomination Process?

Those nominating should provide the following:

  • Nomination form (the form will be made available in due course).
  • A Nomination Statement. This is a description of why they are nominating this individual and the individual’s particular contribution (no more than 400 words), plus a 150-word citation summarising the statement. If the nomination is successful, the citation will be read at the Award Ceremony.
  • A full biography of the nominee.
  • A list of curated media supporting the nominations (for example, videos, photos, reviews, articles, etc.), up to a maximum of six;

Optional material:

  • A short video (no longer than five minutes, and it does not need to be professionally recorded) to present the candidate, containing testimonial support for the nomination from several individuals.

These items must be sent to the Secretary General.

What Is The Timeline & When Must Nominations Be Received?

The due date for nominations for this term (2021-2024) is 29 March 2024.

How Is The Winner Selected?

The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International is responsible for selecting up to six recipients of this Award for the period under review. The Nominations will be selected from all six continents. All decisions of the Executive Committee are final.

Should any individual member of the Executive Committee be one of those nominating a candidate for the Award, they will be excluded from the jury. Should the jury be reduced to less than five individuals due to this ruling, members from outside of the Executive Committee will be invited to sit on the jury to have a quorum of at least five on the jury.

Nominees for the Award will be announced to the ASSITEJ International membership before the final winners are decided. This will be at the same time that other official documentation is sent to members, approximately two months before the ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People.

The selection criteria for the ASSITEJ International Lifetime Achievement Award are as follows:

  • Contribution to Quality: The Award recognises an outstanding, profound, and lasting contribution through the individual’s body of work which has influenced the shape, quality, or direction of TYA nationally, regionally, or globally;
  • Length of Service: The Award recognises that the person has served TYA in their region, country, and / or within the international community for most of their lifetime;
  • Association Through Practice: The Award aims to recognise people who have served within the TYA field in general, not necessarily within ASSITEJ International. Hence, membership of ASSITEJ International is not a prerequisite condition.

What Will Award Winners Receive?

This award does not carry a monetary value. award winners will be celebrated at an Awards Ceremony during the ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People. They will have special acknowledgement on the ASSITEJ International website. An article about the award winners’ work will appear in the next ASSITEJ International Magazine, and, wherever possible, other means may be used to celebrate the winners’ work and achievement.

How Is This Different From ASSITEJ Honorary Memberships?

This award is distinct from ASSITEJ International Honorary Membership, which is bestowed on persons who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the life of ASSITEJ International specifically, rather than to the field of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA) more generally.

Any Further Questions?

Questions can be sent to the Secretary General.

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