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Working Plan

The ASSITEJ International Working Plan is a strategic document that outlines the Association’s goals, objectives, and action plans for the three-year period between each ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People. It serves as a roadmap for the Association’s activities and initiatives, guiding its work and providing a framework for decision-making and resource allocation.

The ASSITEJ International Working Plan includes a comprehensive overview of the Association’s strategic priorities and desired outcomes for the designated three-year period. It defines the key areas of focus and sets objectives that align with ASSITEJ International’s mission and vision. These objectives often span various aspects such as membership growth, advocacy efforts, capacity building, programme and activity development, financial sustainability, and member engagement.

The ASSITEJ International Working Plan serves as a tool for monitoring and evaluating the Association’s progress and success over the designated three-year period. Furthermore, the ASSITEJ International Working Plan facilitates communication and alignment within the Association. It helps to ensure that all members, Executive Committee members, staff, and other stakeholders are working towards shared objectives and are aware of the Association’s strategic direction. It promotes collaboration, coordination, and a sense of collective purpose within ASSITEJ International.

You may view the 2021-2024 ASSITEJ International Working Plan here:

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