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General Assembly Minutes

ASSITEJ International members, and members of the public, are encouraged to read the Minutes from the Association’s General Assembly.

The Minutes provide a comprehensive summary of the discussions, decisions, and outcomes of the General Assembly. They serve as an official record of the meeting, capturing the key points raised, proposals made, and actions taken. By reviewing the Minutes, members can stay informed about the progress and direction of ASSITEJ International, ensuring they are up to date with the decisions made.

The Minutes also offer transparency and accountability. They allow members to understand the reasoning behind decisions and the factors influencing them. Furthermore, the Minutes can serve as a source of reference for members. They provide a valuable resource for reviewing past discussions and decisions, allowing members to refresh their memory and clearly understand ASSITEJ International’s history. This can be particularly important when ongoing or recurring matters require continuity or context.

Lastly, the Minutes may contain important announcements, updates, and upcoming events or initiatives. By reading the Minutes, ASSITEJ members can stay informed about upcoming activities, deadlines, and opportunities for involvement within the Association.

Read the Minutes from the Special Meeting of the General Assembly in January 2023:

Read the Minutes from the General Assembly of the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People in May 2021:

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