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Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct for members is important as it sets clear expectations for behaviour, promotes professionalism and ethical conduct, ensures a respectful and inclusive environment, and safeguards the reputation and integrity of the Association and its members. The ASSITEJ International Code of Conduct is as follows:

An ASSITEJ member (whether an Individual, Theatre Company, Organisation, Institution, International Network, National Centre, or Affiliate) will:

  • Accept and support the constitution of ASSITEJ International, and work to further its stated mission, vision, aims and objectives;
  • Be aware that ASSITEJ International exists to serve and advocate for the entire field of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People, as well as for its members;
  • Act upon the decisions made by ASSITEJ International, wherever these apply to them;
  • Conduct their professional work in a manner that reflects favourably on ASSITEJ International, which is in accord with public interest and which abides by the relevant laws in their country and local jurisdictions;
  • Show respect for fellow ASSITEJ members and professional colleagues;
  • Clarify the terms of individual and mutual responsibility when entering into partnerships, collaborations, or agreements with other ASSITEJ members or with other practitioners within the field of theatre and performing arts, and keep to these agreements;
  • Adhere to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, integrity, and inclusivity in all dealings with, for, and on behalf of ASSITEJ International;
  • Uphold the articles of the United Nations Conventions on Human Rights and the Rights of Children, and protect and promote the welfare of children and young people in their professional work;
  • Not intentionally harm the reputation of ASSITEJ International, any member of ASSITEJ International, nor any professional person within the field of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People;
  • Not express personal opinions in the name of ASSITEJ International, where these conflict with the core values of ASSITEJ International.

We recommend that all ASSITEJ members follow these guidelines in the interests of good professional practice and to strengthen the Association’s core values.

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