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Seoul, KOREA

3 – 14 January 2024


The 20th ASSITEJ KOREA Winter Festival will be held in Seoul from January 3rd to 14th. The theme of this winter festival is ‘Coexistence,’ and the climate crisis will be dealt with as major issues at the K-PANY 2024.

During the festival, ASSITEJ Korea will be presenting total nine performances and will be organizing K-PANY (Korea International Performing Arts Network for Youth) programs with the messages that children and young people can relate to, such as ecology and friendship.


2024 The 20th ASSITEJ KOREA Winter Festival, Seoul:

[9 Performances]

  • 7 Main performances
  • 2 Artistic Director’s Choice

[Special Exhibitions ‘Coexistence and Circulation’]

  • Live Drawing Performance
  • Recycling Display

[K-PANY 2024 Programs]

  • Pitching & Sharing ‘Creative Seed Platform’
  • Participatory Program ‘Moving a Forest Board Game 2.0’
  • Round Table ‘Nature and Children’
  • Opening & Closing Meeting
  • Promenade in Daehakno
  • Networking Party

Enjoy the 20th ASSITEJ KOREA Winter Festival, Seoul! Don’t miss out fabulous TYA performances and K-PANY programs.

*See the details and programmes

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