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Danilo Brakočević was a performer/Puppeteer in the ‘Do birds have the Capacity for fun’ performance directed by Nikola Isakovic, which took place during the Artistic Gathering in Novi Sad. He is also a theatre maker for TYA.

He was also a participant in the Next Generation Network at the Gathering and participated in the Open Market event. To this end, we asked Brakočević three questions with regards to his overall experience at the Gathering.

1. How was your experience as part of the Next Generation Network?

Unexpectedly, a very emotional experience. The team that did the selection process did an amazing job. The amount of kind people in one place amazed me. It was a truly inspiring and it will take me a few days to process everything.

2. How do you feel it will help you in your practice?

The group will definitely stay in touch, we plan to work together in the future. Just talking to the people in the group about the state of TYA made me think about my own practice.

3. What was the feedback from your presentation in the Open Market?

Comments are so far positive, but I wasn’t really there for the Open Market, I needed to help the crew prepare for the performance. And I think that that was the best place to be, instead of the market. I am not a gifted seller, especially if I am the product. The pitch went as good as it could have been in those circumstances, and hopefully I’ll get a few emails from interested parties.

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