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On the first day of the festival, audiences had the opportunity to see a play ‘I am Akiko’ based on a awarded book for children by Stefan Tićmi, directed by Milja Mazarak and performed by Sofija Mijatović. The book and the play confronts its audience with the theme of children’s loneliness and what it means to grow up in a single-parent family.

While I was watching the play, one of the first things I thought of was a scene from a Fellini film ‘Nights of Cabiria’ (1957). Since a photo tells more than a thousand words, here are the frames from the film:

So, instead of a proper and professional review of this deeply moving, emotional and heartwarming play which was awarded last year as the best performance at the FAS (Festival ASSITEJ Serbia), here are the impressions by the audience:

I really liked when she [the actress] said that the door is a mold, and we are play-dough. That is so true!
– a boy (6)

I liked the confetti. I even catch one, but I can’t show you now.
– a girl (6)

She [the actress] imitated the geography teacher so well!
– a boy (9)

This was my first time sitting so close to the stage in the theatre. I was amazed how much I saw. Like I was watching through the microscope. And the orange smelt nice.
– a boy (7)

I liked when the actress was driving the bike. And I liked the balloon.
– a girl (7)

I find the story of her father very interesting. And how she talked to the tree.
– a girl (soon 12, but write it 12)

It was a very beautiful performance. I laughed at the scene with the stewardess. Also, the moment when she took the helium and then talked was so funny.
– a girl (11)

For me it was more funny than sad. But it was sad. I’m sorry she doesn’t have a mom.
– a girl (11)

Divna Stojanov is a dramaturg and playwright. She also writes theatre reviews.

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