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The company Tijuana Hace Teatro, in co-production with the Tijuana Cultural Centre, will be staging the III Jornadas de Teatro Infancias y Juventudes THT, which will be a space of encounter between artists, researchers and managers who work in the field of Theatre for Children and Youth, with the aim of developing artistic, academic, reflection, dissemination and networking activities.

From 26 to 31 October, more than 40 national and international artists and management professionals will meet at the Tijuana Cultural Centre to discuss theatre, cultural policies and sustainability in theatre for children and young people through five plays, five workshops, four conferences, three round table discussions, three editorial presentations, two artistic encounters and one dramatised reading that will be offered free of charge to the public of the region.

This year, the Conference will also host the II Meeting of the ASSITEJ Ibero American Network (Red Iberoamericana de Artes Escénicas para la Infancia y la Juventud) of Performing Arts for Children and Youth with guests from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Uruguay, and Mexico, which will foster dialogues from different geographies to discuss the state of the sector and the tasks facing the sector, particularly, from the reflection on the horizon of the creation/production, the development of cultural policies and sustainability in different contexts.

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