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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of ASSITEJ Sakartvelo (ASSITEJ Georgia) as a National Centre. Georgia, a country with deep cultural roots and traditions, has a long-standing history of Theater but lacked a professional Theater exclusively dedicated to children until the twentieth century.
The Tbilisi Youth Theater, established in 1927, marked the beginning of professional Theater for young audiences in Georgia, nurturing generations of Theater enthusiasts. Over the years, the country has witnessed the emergence of several state and private Theater companies that produce performances for young audiences. While children’s productions are also staged in state drama Theaters, there is a need for further development and support in this field. Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Georgia was a member of ASSITEJ. However, after the events of the 1990s, this connection was severed, and it is only now that the restoration has become possible.
Hence, we are delighted to establish ASSITEJ Sakartvelo as the official National Centre. The primary objective of ASSITEJ Sakartvelo (Georgia) is to support, foster creative development, and popularize professional and amateur TYA, studios, collectives, and individuals interested in this field across the country and abroad. With its inclusion in the global ASSITEJ network, Georgia embarks on a new chapter, collaborating with fellow Theater practitioners, exchanging experiences, and contributing to the advancement of Theater for young audiences worldwide. ASSITEJ Sakartvelo is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of artistic excellence, promoting international cooperation, and advocating for the rights of young audiences in the region. Through this platform, Georgia aims to nurture a vibrant and inclusive Theater scene, where children can engage with the transformative power of live performances, encouraging their imagination, empathy, and creativity.
We are happy to be part of the big ASSITEJ family. Together, we can create a profound impact, fostering the love for Theater among children, and shaping a brighter future for the young generation. We eagerly anticipate fruitful collaborations, knowledge-sharing, and inspiring journeys ahead!
Please get in touch with us directly for more information about ASSITEJ Sakartvelo (Georgia) and its initiatives.


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