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by Mirko Stojković

The Interactive Arts Laboratory core members are Jovana Karaulic, Pavle Dinulovic, Branko Sujic and Mirko Stojkovic, professors from four different departments of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Their diverse fields of expertise have contributed to a broad scope of action in the Laboratory, which ranges from virtual reality, through sound installations, to immersive theater.

Common to all their joint projects is the element of interactivity, which is present even in forms that traditionally do not incorporate it, such as television series. Another essential aspect of the majority of the projects is the educational component, which is deeply rooted in the motivation behind the founding of the Laboratory. The idea for establishing it, emerged from a desire to explore and conquer new spaces of artistic expression through innovative experiments in this field that would later serve and be available to all of the students from the University of Arts that want to step into it and further explore this territory.

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