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Johannesburg, South Africa

Cradle of Creativity is an 8 day festival of performances and professional development opportunities that focus on intercultural exchange in theatre and the performing arts for children and young people.

The theme of 2023’s festival is “the stories that move us”. As Faye Kabali-Kagwa, curator of Cradle of Creativity says, “It is the stories presented at the festival that will move children out of their schools and neighbourhoods, and into the theatre. It is story that has allowed storytellers to traverse physical borders and transport us into new worlds. This year’s festival is a testament to all the ways in which stories travel and how this compels us to think differently about the world around us.”

On each day of the festival, we will explore a different topic. Our Focus Days are:

20 August – Dance for Young Audiences

21 August – Playwriting for Young Audiences

22 August – Inclusivity and Accessibility in TYA

23 August – Performing Arts for Early Years

24 August – Performing Arts for Teens

25 August – Arts as / in Education

26 August – Child/Youth Participation

27 August – The Art of Listening in TYA

Each day will be located in one of the several venues of Cradle of Creativity so that delegates attending this focus are able to interact, network and learn more about this aspect of TYA. Between 13:00 – 15:00 there will be an online session which will allow participants to join as audience or participant in the Focus Day from anywhere in the world.


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