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27th September 2022

We, the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre and Performance for Children and Young People, protest the actions of all governments when they act against the rights of humanity.

We stand in support of vulnerable people being victimised and attacked anywhere; women and young people who are fighting for their right to choice and self-expression, families struggling to survive war and famine, children denied education and cultural safety.

ASSITEJ believes that much more needs to be done to meet all countries’ obligations with respect to Articles 13 and 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is especially true in light of the current geo-political and social upheavals and the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

There is an urgent need for equity and equal opportunities for every young person to live in a sustainable and healthy world. Arts and culture allow us to imagine the world we wish to create for and with our children and young people, and are therefore crucial as we take action to ensure better conditions for our societies.

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