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ASSITEJ Estonia has a WEB FESTIVAL this week with shows from Estonia, Finland and Canada are available from 18th to 31st of October on

We will have two discussions (in ZOOM, ~1h) in English (19-20 Oct) about shows from Finland and Canada, but you are welcome to join other discussions as well and hear more about the Estonian shows. Just let us know before. We will share the links with you.

We also invite you to our WEBINAR on 21st of October at 10:00-17:00 on topic “How to read art?” (on page). The seminar has translation to ENGLISH! Two foreign speakers are from Sweden and Russia – Suzanne Osten and Sasha Pepeljajev!
The seminar is moderated by a member of Estonian ASSITEJ and a member of the Estonian Parliament Eduard Odinets. Presenters include: Suzanne Osten (Sweden, theater), Rein Agur (theater) Sasha Pepeljajev (Russia, dance), Timo Steiner (music), Jan Kaus (literature), Karmo Mende (fine arts), Anu Aun (film), Eva Kalbus (drama teacher), Rita Rätsepp (psychologist), Anne Kleinberg (psychiatrist), Helena Pihel (dance teacher), Indrek Lillemägi (high school director), Helena Maria Reisner (student).
The aim of the seminar is to explore the creation and experience of arts; to encourage children, their parents, tutors and especially teachers to understand, differentiate and explore diverse experiences in various fields of creativity. We are looking for answers to the questions whether there are any “taboo” topics for children in art and what is the impact of experiencing art in child’s development.
In the first half of the day, practitioners will talk about theater, music, visual arts, dance and film. Then educators and psychologists will share their experiences. We will end the seminar with a round table, which will involve discussion with students.

SEMINAR event with the schedule:
Register (let us know!):


Tuesday 19.10
Ilmatila “Atlas” (Finnish modern circus) (4+)
16.00-17.00 discussion “Physical theater and animations” (“Atlas”, Ilmatila; Finnish contemporary circus, participants include choreographer and artist Ilona Jäntti, animator Tuula Jeker and Terje Bernadt from the Circus Studio Folie) – in English!Link:
Wednesday 20.10
Productions Y2D (Motréal) in collaboration with Chamäleon Productions (Berlin) “LEO – the Antigravity Show” (Canada) (8+)
16.00-17.00 discussion “Possibilities in visual theater: crossing the boundaries of gravity” (“LEO – The Antigravity Show” from Canada, Productions Y2D (Montreal) in collaboration with Chamäleon Productions (Berlin), with Tobias Wegner and Terje Bernadt from the Circus Studio Folie) – in English!Link:
FESTIVAL event and more info (also attached):

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