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You are invited to the first UMBRELLAnetworking – a gathering for ASSITEJ Centres and ASSITEJ Networks

The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ invites to an informal meeting for people actively engaged in the running or creation of National Centres and ASSITEJ Networks.

Each meeting is planned to consist of two parts: 

The first part is a presentation of a topic drawn from the ASSITEJ National Centre toolkit OR a topic from within a National Centre of Network that has resonance with others in the group.

In addition, each meeting introduces one of the ASSITEJ Networks: ITYARN, IIAN, Small Size, Young Dance Network, Next Generation, WLPG

The second part will be a facilitated open space to connect, discuss and exchange on topics defined by the members of each meeting. 

UMBRELLAnetworking is for everyone who is engaged in an ASSITEJ National Centre or ASSITEJ Network as a board member, staff, volunteer or active member. It is also for members who wish to create a new Centre or Network.

UMBRELLAnetworking is interactive and therefore we are looking forward to seeing you at the first meeting to introduce our ideas around the function and purpose of UMBRELLA and more importantly to learn what wishes, suggestions and ideas you have to make the new networking valuable for your work. 

The UMBRELLAnetworking-Meeting will take place on 5 July 2021 at 9 am and 3 pm CEST. Each meeting will be 90 minutes.


UMBRELLAnetworking Meeting A

5 July 2021 at 9 am CEST.

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UMBRELLAnetworking Meeting B

5 July 2021 at 3 pm CEST.

See the time in your time zone.

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