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Following the Founding Assembly of ASSITEJ Cyprus back in March, one of the first decisions of the newly elected board was to form a series of committees and working groups to deal with particular topics. The decision was based on the will of the board to involve as many members as possible in the decision-making of the organization. ASSITEJ Cyprus already has over 170 members.
The three committees formed are the following:

  1. The Organisational Committee
  2. The Financial Committee
  3. The Promotion and Communications Committee
    Each committee is headed by a different member of the board.
    The working groups formed cover the following topics:
  4. Baby theatre, movement and non-verbal theatre
  5. Theatre for children
  6. Theatre for adolescents
  7. Puppet Theatre
  8. Music and Musical Theatre
  9. Theatre in education
  10. Playwriting
  11. Research

The leaders of each working group were chosen by the group itself.
The inaugural meetings of the three committees took place online between 7 and 13 June,
while the inaugural meetings of three of the working groups took place between 14 and 18
June, in the form of workshops. The inaugural meetings of the other five groups will follow

*The picture is from the first meeting of the Music and Musical Theatre working group, on
17 June.

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