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On November 20, the Convention on Children Rights of 1989 is celebrated around the world.

ASSITEJ is joining its voice, in the name of all the professionals and supporters of performing arts and culture for children and young people. Together with UNESCO and all the organisations which advocate for the well-being of children, we recall the importance that the youngest are assured of their essential rights. The right to education, health, psychological and material well-being, but also the right to live without violence, to have a country and an identity. And also the right to be informed, to express oneself and to be heard, the right to access and participate in cultural life. The right to be oneself.

We invite you to learn more about the Convention, and to read ASSITEJ’s Manifesto, which addresses the emergency of fostering children’s access to arts and culture everywhere. Children and young people have the right to access and participate in the arts, even and specially in times of crisis!

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