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🌍 Kristiansand, NOR
🗓 22 – 25 September 2021
⏰ November 8th, 2020

Open Call: Norwegian ASSITEJ Festival 2021 – Talk to Me!

ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Kristiansand 2019 was a huge success which we are immensely proud of. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and expectations that we now open up for submitting performing arts productions for the 16th international performing arts festival in Kristiansand, The Norwegian ASSITEJ Festival, scheduled for September 22nd to 25th.

Thematically, the programming of the festival will be based on the questions: How are young people’s voices represented and presented in performing arts? How do we manage to reproduce the voice of young people without just being a faint echo? Are we able to form a language that resonates with a young audience, both verbally and non-verbally?

The theme for the festival is voice. The inspiration for this theme comes on the one hand from the Fridays For Future movement – a powerful example of how young people demand that their voices be heard in society. On the other hand, the inspiration comes from a clear trend in performing arts for a young audience, documentary performing arts, which uses real stories and opinions as material in the work with performances and in the final performance.

Practically, we’re looking for performances that are simple in their set design, performances that are often based on the performer’s own instrument – the body, which also includes the voice. We welcome all types of expressions within theatre, dance and performance art. Verbal as well as non-verbal forms.

Welcome (back) to the Norwegian ASSITEJ Festival 2021 in Kristiansand – Talk to Me!

The application deadline is November 8th, 2020.

Submit your production by filling out this form:


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